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12 February 2011 @ 11:53 am

I need to stop falling down.
This time it was a very public fall, and four or five people rushed to me to help.
My girlfriend who I was due to meet up with just happened to be
across the street.
We'd had plans to go to the beach.
She was my getaway car.
She came with me to my house
came in while I carried in the groceries,
which subsequently were undamaged by the accident.
Even the $11 bottle of wine was intact.
After I put everything away
I then addressed the scrape on my hand.
She helped me disinfect my hand, apply a bandage.
My left arm has been in a sling for
two days.
I ice it every couple of hours.
I've gotten to washing the dishes one handed
and soon hope to be able to shower
and wash my hair.